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Linear Assault

A linear range is exactly what it sounds like: dual rows of targets like buses, trains and planes.
The ordinary soldier would rarely be called upon to solve a clearing situation involving linear targets. Never the less it is good to be prepared. Remember all of these are common forms of transportation and easy targets for terrorists.

Assaulting the bus from the front or rear, you have many targets in line. Some hostile and some friendly. By assaulting from the side with short ladders, or pick-up trucks, several operators can engage several hostile targets simultaneously. Entry is then made through the conventional door.
The first two operators that enter the bus from the front fall to the sides into a seat, and provide cover down the rows. The next operators entering  the bus advance down the aisle covering left and right, only to finish the job by engaging the terrorists in hiding.

Trains are very similar to buses except that the windows are
usually higher. A moving train may have to be assaulted by helicopter with the team using ropes and sledge-hammers to gain entry.

This is the most difficult problem that most teams would have to face.
Pre-formed, shaped cutting charges have proven very effective for some teams, while others know the planes well enough to be able to open the doors from the outside. This requires close coordination with the airline engineering staff.
The actual shooting problem is different from that of a bus, in that the windows are too small and too strong to breach. Entry must be made through several points simultaneously and the hostage-takers engaged in that manner. Warnings must be yelled to the passengers, and the team members should try to stay out of the aisles. Fall to the side, into a seat, and shoot over or around cover advance down the aisle only to engage the terrorists in hiding.


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