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Israeli Limited

This type of entry is slower, but safer for less experienced or less aggressive entry teams.
Operator ❶ and operator❷  take up positions of cover on either side of the opening and scan the room for danger. Shooting is done from cover/concealment.
As soon as the visible threat is neutralised, the two operators quickly move to the door and aggressively button hook thier corner, only exposing a little part of thier body, and clear the hard corners.
After this is done and there still is furniture in the room that need to be cleared they enter, and follow on forces will join them.

- The team clears most of the room without entering.

-This tactic requires a lot of practice for speed and timing without the operators running into each other.
-The operators can be exposed for crossfire from each other's weapons.
-The team is compromised after opening the door without entering.
-If it is dark it can be very difficult to spot a threat. Tactical lights may be needed.
-If an enemy starts shooting against the wall, the chance of the wall being solid enough to protect against projectiles from hand guns is very little.

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