"They can't do anything wrong"

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"They can't do anything wrong"

Post by Ryan » Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:33 pm

There are some people out there who think SF can do no wrong and what they do is only the best for that situation. I have a problem with these arguments, and they normally come from 'fanboys' of one particular unit, defending it without knowing anything about the actual unit (or oppositely claiming they do, for example a family member). You meet quite a number of these people on the internet. This trend goes down the line of the 'superman' myth, neglecting the potential for human error, "SF know better than everybody", etc. There are a lot of circlejerk misconceptions out there. What do you guys think of these arguments and the types of people who promote them? Often these types of people see their fanboy unit as 'the best' and 'better than' X, Y, Z. They fail to adopt a position of unfairness when it comes to observation or opposing opinion.
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Re: "They can't do anything wrong"

Post by tacticalguy » Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:51 am

SF operators put their pants on just like everyone else, one leg at a time. Anyone can make a mistake. ANYone.
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Re: "They can't do anything wrong"

Post by DareTactical » Thu Jun 04, 2015 2:26 pm

Special Forces operators are still human beings, no matter how well they are trained.

True story: Was part of CT drill with UKSF (22, SBS, SFSG), (I was never part of SF, just to be clear.). Entry team was made up of 22 and SBS. Hostages were played by non-SF soldiers. Entry team got into first room of the building, bunch of 'hostages' in next room over. One of these 'hostages' decided he wanted a front row view on what was going on and so swung out of cover, chest first into the open door threshold. He was unarmed, but was instantly shot with a simunition round by the pointman.

Obviously this was a mistake by the pointman, it happens, and im sure it happens and has had happened on ops.

The best units are the ones who are actively willing to learn from their mistakes and adapt. Because SF are usually given the freedom to test out new skills and drills (and weapons), they are often at the forefront of new SOPs.

And though this is the case, adopting SOPs just because this unit or that unit uses them doesn't make it the 'correct way'. Just because the US special forces still teach rushing into rooms doesn't make it the right way, the same logic can be applied to 22 using C8 Carbines, it doesn't instantly make it my first choice when selecting a primary weapon, and just because the IDF Sayeret units are still running around in Olive Drab colours doesn't mean it is an effective camouflage pattern.

SF operators are well trained and are usually very experienced after a few years in their units, you should keep this in mind when questioning their SOPs / Equipment, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't question these aspects, because they are human beings, their commanders and instructors are human beings, and so on. They can never be 100% correct and 100% up-to-date with everything and anything.
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