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Read this before posting

Post by Admin » Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:25 am

These are some general guidelines for posting pictures in this forum part. We will most likely make additions to these guidelines with time. So keep checking back, and if you have any ideas for the guidelines and this forumpart in general, please make a post in THIS thread. We will then take it into consideration and then delete your post to keep it clean.

-If possible name the source and add a link to the page you found them.

-Include the story behind the pictures if you have one available. The more information the better.

-Make sure you do not violate PERSEC/OPSEC when posting pictures. These men and women have family and friends as well. Show them the respect they deserve. All images depicting MIL, LE or Govt. personell where the faces are visible, need to be edited and have the entire face blurred out/blacked out. Also make sure to PERSEC any nametags and remove/XXXXXXXX any names in the captions for the images..
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