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CQB and H2H Course

In August CQB-Team provided a special designed course to a military unit in close quarter battle tactics and hand to hand combat.



This unit had some unique problems with there building clearing skills, and contacted CQB-Team for help and guidens.

Some of the issues were that there sop for the second clearing of a room was slow, and there was many ways to do this, this was to confusing. Other issues were that they not always knew how many operators they had to a conduct a Direct Action mission that suddenly accrued. Last but not least the use of distraction grenades was not always available to the team.



CQB-Team tailored a special unit sop, to this team, by modifying the pros of the wall flood and combining it with the aggression of some of the Israeli entry techniques. The Wall flood was also designed so it didn’t matter if 2 or 10 men made entry to a room.



The course was held in an military facility close to civilians so explosive breaching tactics was not used, due to safety concerns.
Live fire shooting was done at a range. The facilities didn’t have a shoot house, so FX and blanks was used to conduct the training. This also gave the opportunity to train force on force.

CQB-Team also provided a unique Hand2hand system for room combat, this system is most favourable to use in room clearing missions, do to the fact that the operators are very heavy and restricted do to all the entry gear and the manpower that is available in a wall flood.



This H2H system took 8 hours of training to reach a level for all team members to understand and perform this effective in varies scenarios, and in future to function as instructors for new operators. An easy and effective system.

This unit asked for some more aggressive ways do conduct clearing missions, so a big part of the course was about saturation tactics. But also small team tactics was covered do to the fact that a mission might fail and the unit could risk braking up in small teams.

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