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Systematic / High-Lowe Crossover

This type of entry is slower, but safer for less experienced or less aggressive entry teams.
Operator ❶ and ❷ take up positions of cover on either side of the opening and scan the room from outside using the "imited entry" technique. Shooting is done from cover/concealment.
When the operators are satisfied the room is "safe" they make entry on either side of the opening by using crossover. They don't follow the wall, but enter and use the path that they have visually cleared (2-4 steps so they don't over penetrate the room).

If the opening is large, it is possible to use buttonhook.
When Operator ❶ and❷  have cleared the corners Operator ❸ and ❹ can move in to the room to the left and right of the opening and provide additional firepower.

- The team clears most of the room without entering.

-It takes a lot of practice to time the movement so that it is fast and the operators don't run in to each other.
-The operators can be exposed for crossfire from each other's weapons.
-Team is compromised after opening the door without entering.



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