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Single File Formation

This technique can be used if moving down a hallway


1-man (forward security) provides security to the front. His sector of fire includes any threat that appears in the hallway forward of the team. Remaining team members follow in the file formation directly behind the number 1-man. The number 2 and 3-man covers the left and right sides of the number 1-man. Their sectors of fire include any threat suddenly appearing from nearby doorways on either side of the hall. They cover the number 1-man's flanks.
The last man provides rear security against any threat appearing behind the clearing team.
This technique may be used with large or small teams. The file may be the only option in very narrow hallways. The advantage of this technique is that it is effective at providing protection to the team when a ballistic shield is used. The disadvantages are: Limits field of vision for the number 2 and 3-man forward of the number l-man. Restrictive and slow when teams are confronted with opposing doors.The single file formation is a very easy formation to maintain, but lack the fire power and security.

(Figure A: Single File. Figure B: Single File with tactical shield.)

- Easy to use.
- It can provide great security to the front of the team when using tactical shield

-It lacks of fire power and security to all sides.

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