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Quick-Peek Technique

An quick look procedure to see directly into a possible high-threat area where a threat may be concealed. This hasty glimpse method is designed to expose only the operator's eye position for a moment, with a quick observation into a non-cleared room or area, without creating additional jeopardy. One cautionary rule to remember is that once a quick peek is taken at one height, if it is to be repeated it should be done from a different height or position, as the threat may shoot at the last point the operator was seen looking from.
This technique was developed in Israel were most walls is made of solid stone, so if the operator is detected there is little chance that the threat's weapon can penetrate through the wall.

-The operator has a chance of spotting if there is a threat without having to enter the room.

-The operator will most likely
be detected if there is a threat in the room, Once detection happens the team's element of surprise has been lost.
-Dark environments can make spotting a threat very difficult.
-If an enemy starts shooting at the wall the chance of the wall being solid enough to protect against projectiles from hand guns is very little.

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