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Hand 2 Hand

An important aspect of the domination of a location is the Cover & Contact drill used when an operator wishes to make contact with a suspect for the purposes of cuffing and searching.
In this drill the operator will revert back to the buddy concept. One operator goes forward to make contact with the suspect, while the partner covers with his weapon.
In general, it is unwise to approach a suspect until one is getting verbal compliance to commands.
On a Clearing mission, however, the initial entry is fast and confusing. With the exception of yelling
"Get down"
, it is very difficult to have a "meaningful dialogue" with an uncooperative or shocked suspect. It may be necessary to physically put suspects on the floor.
One of the tough decisions that an operator may have to make at this point, is how to handle a suspect who appears to be cooperating by putting his hands up but still has a gun in his hand. If the suspect does not drop the weapon on command, and there is any apparent intent that he may be just looking for an opportunity to use it, it may be necessary to shoot him. If he initiates an aggressive action, it will be almost too quick to react to.
As for the cover drill, whenever an operator sees the team member ahead of him make contact with a suspect, he should automatically cover him. In most cases, the partner will communicate that he is going forward by saying "Contact" or "Cover me", the covering operator will respond with, "Covering".
Cover and Contact drills become more complex when dealing with multiple suspects and occupants in a small location.


Operators should be especially careful moving between suspects who are not face down on the ground. When going into a contact / arrest procedure, an operator will usually holster his handgun or sling his SMG. If a suspect resists, the operator has two choices: try to restrain him or break contact and draw his weapon. In a situation where the suspect draws a weapon, or begins fighting for the contact operator's weapon, the cover man must move in and immediately neutralize the suspect. Keep in mind that action is faster than reaction, so a cover man must move fast to protect his partner and himself. After cuffing, the suspect will need to be searched for weapons. First like; belt, waist band, pockets, ankles, small of the back and armpits. Then move onto the other areas .of the body where smaller weapons could be hidden. Be alert for small flat blades and knives taped to the forearms.
All operators should be especially cautious when dealing persons that might be drug users. First there is a high probability that they may be HIV/AIDS infected, and secondly, that they may be in possession of syringes and hypodermic needles. These individuals should not be handled without the protection of rubber gloves, and even then very carefully. The operator should not put his hands into the suspect's pockets.

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