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Delta Wedge

Operator ❶ enters the room and eliminates the immediate threat.
Operator ❶ has the option of going left or right, normally moving along the path of least resistance to one of two corners. When using a doorway as the point of entry, the path of least resistance is determined initially based on the way the door opens. If the door opens inward the operator moves away from the hinges. If the door opens outward, the operator moves toward the hinged side. The size of the room, enemy situation, and furniture or other obstacles that hinder or channel movement become factors that influence operator ❶'s direction of movement.
The direction each operator moves in should not be pre-planned unless the exact room layout is known. Each operator should go in the direction opposite the operator in front of him. Every team member must know the sectors and duties of each position.
As operator ❶ goes through the entry point, he can usually see into the far corner of the room. He eliminates any immediate threat and continues to move along the wall if possible to the first corner. Then he moves along the connecting wall to the second corner where he assumes a position of domination facing into the room.
Operator❷ entering almost simultaneously with the first, moves in the opposite direction, following the wall and staying out of the center. Operator❷ must clear the entry point, clear the immediate threat area, clear his corner, and move to a dominating position on his side of the
Operator❸ simply goes opposite of operator ❷ inside the room at least one meter from the entry point and moves to a position that dominates his sector.
Operator❹ moves opposite of
operator❸ and moves to a position that dominates his sector.

- The team clears most of the room while entering.

- The operators can be exposed for crossfire from each other's weapons.
- Movement around the wall can be difficult depending of the possession of furniture in the room.
Operator ❶ might have to move past doors that cannot be covered efficiently by the other team members.
- It might be difficult to help
operator ❶ if he has a stoppage or is shoot in the other end of the room.


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