18th of November Assault in France - More informations ?

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18th of November Assault in France - More informations ?

Post by bria » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:54 pm


I'm not really sure that the good section to post this. Feel free to move it :)
Today, Mediapart (a french media) publish an internal report following the RAID Assault against terrorist in Saint Denis (near Paris, France).

The information was soon redistributed on other media, like this one
http://www.francetvinfo.fr/faits-divers ... 94399.html
(in french).

The information is biased, as mediapart do a living of being the itching powder of more consensual media.
However, It has already published some very important political news, and has a reputation of doing a fine investigation jobs. They used the scientific police report to establish this article.

As this all come from one source (the scientific police report, supposedly) I could not stress enough of the lack of fiability. But theses information are still interesting, confirming other, older, testimonies.

I will try to translate the mains factual points :
  • Fired ammunition : Despite the assault force report heavy fire, scientific police find only 11 shots from the terrorists (9mm parabellum).
  • No assault rifle were founded during investigations. This contradict government coverage soon after the assault, indicating "in-interrupting fire with assaults rifle against polices forces"..
  • More than 1500 ammunition were shooted by the police forces.
  • None of the 1500 shots have found their target. Two of the terrorist were killed by the blast of their suicide vest. The other was dead from asphyxia (explosion create rubble which seems to have buried her).
  • four ballistic shields were used, in addition of their helmets. Seventeen (17) impact were found in front of them, supposedly from the terrorist [didn't find any explanation of the difference between these 17 and the 11 from the scientific police, nor the caliber of theses impacts.]
  • More important : forty (40) other impacts were found from the inside of theses protections. So, from blue on blue fire.
  • Five policeman were wounded during the assault. French forces refuses to discuss about the causes of their wound. Some were wounded in their lower back.
  • French forces decides to use a saturation fire, to avoid any kamikaze. They've shoot till 07:30. (Two of the terrorist explodes themselves at 05:00. The whereabout of the third, and last, are unknown, but I highly doubt that rubble wait till 07:30 to buried her after the explosion)
  • French forces tried to do an explosive breach, but the explosive didn't work.
  • French forces did shoot bystanders (no precision about stray bullet or target mistake by sniper).
  • The attack dog , Diesel, seem to have been killed by a shotgun round (Raid first spoke of a Brenneke.) Terrorists didn't have any shotgun (or more exactly, scientific didn't find any clue that they could have had one), so blue on blue are also a trail here. As our DOJ didn't ask for an autopsy of the dog, we can't know for certain.
I couldn't stop thinking of the hypercasher raid, were similar friendly fire were reported on this forum.
I would love to have the RAID version of the events, but don't think the will be published uncensored, if they are even published.

I also couldn't stop remembering of how the assault was reused for a political standing.

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Re: 18th of November Assault in France - More informations ?

Post by Ryan » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:50 am

Wow... just... wow. :? :|
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Re: 18th of November Assault in France - More informations ?

Post by Breacher01 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:58 pm

I've personally spoken with operators who were present at the jewish supermarket hostage situation from first arriving to finishing and debriefing.

Everyone in paris was in shock after the first brutal attacks. This includes LEO's and SF.

First of all there was a mayor chaos with the first attacks in several locations, and little was know about how many terrorists were still present, where they may have been, and what their threat level was.
Secondly all LEO's in the paris region were active in the follow up, which caused a massive amount of contradicting intel.

I think after a few hours when the scale and exact extent of the attacks were know france really intervened in an appropriate way for the threats possibly remaining. You are summing up facts, but haven't there been a lot of shootings in the US like this? (the bombing at the marathon, Shootout at some guy in a cabin, until it caught fire, etc.)? Can you sum up similar facts about those incidents? I know for a fact france has an excellent police force divided in police, gendarme(military police) and military operators. They are well trained and can respond to this kind of scenarios fast and professional.

Aside from broadcasted news facts i have nothing new to report, but you all know you have to have been there and then to interpret such statistics at their true value.

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