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Re: Areas Of Responsibility, Lanes Of Fire - Cqb/room Cleari

Post by Ryan » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:40 am

It is here: ... 42624.html ... In English.

AORs - responsibility isn't always as static though. It's not always #1 covers this specific area. Why? Threat detection and threat isolation can modify how you clear the room and what point you collapse onto. As with say how large the room is. If it's an irregular room of which the "largest" area, as I call the "fullest" is say to the right, then I suggest first man goes right. I call "full-right room" for these comms - for example an L-shaped room...

You always do a curiosity sweep - a general observation of a room. You check cubby holes and stuff in secondary searches.

And remember that 4th guy could be the 1st guy in the stack suddenly when re-clearing and coming out into the hallway - it's a dynamic game! You must know, train and understand each others roles.

That could mean:




A corner fed door means it's at a corner - you're hitting a room that goes one way. You can often tell this via the door placement i.e. left or right side of the wall but if you can't, which some people and some rooms do not - you can call which way it goes. For example...


This one goes to the right. Full right room.


This one goes to the left. Full left room.

Others may use different terminology but there you go - similar the weak/strong sides of the door. Box vs L-shape vs linear vs irregular. Corner vs center fed.

IF I come across a corner fed, open door and I can see into the first HC from the door - or at least most of it to the point of a human cannot stand there - then you can decide to complete ignore it - meaning more muzzles on the other HC and EC.

To also help differentiate I call hot or cold rooms. Hot being threat detection, sighting or common sense has told you that it is a hot room - a room with someone in it or you suspect there to be someone inside. Therefore you change tactics. I.e. wasting grenades on cold rooms isn't a good plan. Sometimes hot, red rooms change depending on what it happening. I.e. contact from a compound - the BA designate most outhouses to be hot rooms and to red entry them (grenade them).


Side angles are known as your obliques. I.e. in crosscover you are watching the obliques.
Sometimes the front is known as the face.



This isn't good AORs/360 coverage, why?

"I think demonstrated is a pure utilization of cover, yes 360 coverage may be apart at least at first but you'll note that in an urban environment there are many lines of fire and observation that sprout from multiple openings we come across. The left door is open, and not covered. The right door is but with one man there to hold it, that means one man there to enter on it without the response time being slower."
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