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Internal Development

Post by Ryan » Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:04 pm

Is it true SF internally develop their own SOPs/TTPs that work for them? Does this transition from team to team? I.e. SEAL TEAM 2 do something differently to 3? Or an individual always does it in his style to another?

If so what do they pattern themselves around. It's a very organic, well secured, funded and 'above all others' structure that does such I would imagine. Do they pattern themselves around new concepts or old ones? Do they work off manuals or a collective of information? Do they make their own drills, research and name them?

For instance we already know they learn from others such as the Army Marksmanship Unit - I mean things that work WILL transition to other units, that's the whole purpose of sharing information. But if you're making it yourself, and it works - I don't know whether that would be kept internal or not.

Anyway a few questions for a topic I was thinking of and would like some input, some thoughts. We probably won't get the answers but there you go.
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Re: Internal Development

Post by jimothy_183 » Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:53 pm

I am certain that subordinate units will have their own SOP/TTP. I can offer no solid evidence but I can offer some logical theories. First of all different units will face different situations, therefore they will have to adapt accordingly. Secondly it would be a security measure against the enemy as it creates a non standard way of doing things, therefore making for an more unpredictable target to the enemy.

This does not just apply to SF, all conventional units in whatever branch (or Corps) are supposed to have their own SOP/TTP right down to the platoon level.
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