The Public Health of CQB

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The Public Health of CQB

Post by Ryan » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:29 am

Hear me out. Public Health is basically campaigning and putting in place policy to stop health issues from occurring in the first place (e.g. diabetes as related to obesity and lifestyle choices or smoking or excessive alcohol use). Over time, years that is, these interventions hope to change the population. It hopes for less people calling an ambulance, showing up at hospital, etcetera. Economically beneficial, less stress on the system.

Now take this to CQB. How do we stop, prevent or minimize future wars and conflicts? How do we do something about terrorism without being physical?
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Re: The Public Health of CQB

Post by Breacher01 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:30 pm

Over here they add 5-10 cents tax to a pack of sigarettes twice a year. The result is the packs contain less cigarettes every time they reach a new full euro(e.g. 5,- they went down to 19pc. /6,- they put back in 20pc.) Smoking in public places has been banned almost everywhere, and finally we see a generation of teens that pretty much don't smoke.

With CQB, Counter-terrorism, High Risk Warrants and rapid interventions the way to prevent violence is to make sure everyone is mentally stable, or at least on the radar of organisations that monitor and intervent before something gets violent.

1 Psychiatric help needs to be available when its needed, and not after an incident.
2 Radicalists(religious/tree hugger) should be spotted and evaluated before they do something stupid which concerns innocents.
3 The youth should be capable of getting a good education, and job opportunities, so they have no reason to get into crime.
4 All substance abusers should be taken care of(not in the phillipine style though) so there's no illegal market left. If all else fails legalise drugs (it did wonders in Portugal if you want to read up...)

5 There will always be a need to fight force with force, I dont believe in a piecefull earth, there always is war, always has been and i cant imagine it ending anytime soon.

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