Complete vs Precise destruction

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Complete vs Precise destruction

Post by jimothy_183 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:06 pm

This thread is to discuss the differences and uses of the two types of destruction. Definitions for the time being.

Complete destruction: A mission where all enemy personell in the targeted unit is killed or enough has been killed to render the unit combat ineffective.

Precise destruction: A mission where an individual enemy is targeted. The target is most usually a leader or some other important figure to the enemy.
Ryan wrote:"Kill ratios dont MEAN anything. Vietnam proved that. Current thinking is that for every insurgent you kill, your produce 3-7 more through collateral damage or plain old hatred because you just killed someone's father/brother/son/cousin. Insurgency increases at an exponential rate the more 10 dollar Taliban you kill. Modern COIN operations target leaders and facilitators ONLY while seeking to reconcile low-level fighters. Combat power in the traditional sense causes more harm than good in Afghanistan, which is why precision systems such as snipers are so important now, more so than ever before. Civil Affairs, non-kinetic effects teams and intelligence are far more important than heavy metal. Psyops does more to curtail the insurgent than JDAMs.

The US proved it has fundamentally failed to understand this when they got rid of McChrystal, and since then strategy in Afghanistan has been in retrograde. A general lack of education among ISAF infantrymen compounds the problem. You're understanding of modern conflict is on a par with Bush Jr." -- Interesting perspective.
Good info here.

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Re: Complete vs Precise destruction

Post by tacticalguy » Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:05 pm

In the U.S. Army, precise destruction would be described as a "surgical strike". It states that you're cutting away only what you're aiming for. For complete destruction, we would use "scorched earth". That one pretty much explains itself.
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