The 3 Principles

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The 3 Principles

Post by jimothy_183 » Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:19 pm

The 3 principles necessary for a successful raid, dynamic entry or for many other offensive operations are:
  • Surprise
  • Aggression / Violence of Action (UK / US Terms)
  • Speed

Surprise: Maintain stealth while moving into position.

Aggression / Violence of Action: Gain and retain after the first round is fired. (gain fire superiority)

Speed: Gain and retain momentum when the first manuever is initiated.

Extra info

Anyone else want to modify or add to this?
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Re: The 3 Principles

Post by Ryan » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:17 pm

Got this from a PDF:

Surprise. The objective is to complete all offensive action before the party being engaged is able to react and set up a Defense. To gain this element of surprise, the entry teams use stealth movement and noise/light discipline to get as close to the targets as possible, hopefully putting themselves in a position to engage the enemy from the moment he becomes aware of them.

Aggression / Violence of Action:-
Violence of Action is gaining and maintaining physical and psychological momentum is essential. Breaching doors, blasting holes in walls and coming through windows and the use of Vehicles to breach are used to create unexpected entry points. Dynamic Entry with the use of flashbangs and gunfire is complemented by the intimidating and aggressive actions of the assault team. Assaulters must maintain dominance over anyone still alive.

Speed is achieved through a well-designed plan and solid tactics to gain proximity to the Objective with an undetected approach, with the use of multiple entry points to flood the target site.

I think they are the main principles. Others may be:
Infiltration and
CQB-TEAM Education and Motivation.

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