Randall Bowie Knife Stops Bullet

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Randall Bowie Knife Stops Bullet

Post by Ryan » Sat Apr 06, 2013 3:23 am

"Navy SEAL John Gay was part of the operation to recover the crew of the helicopters. As bullets were flying, Gay valiantly carried out his mission until he was struck by an AK-47 round. For most people, if they’re shot with a bullet in the hip, it could be devastating, but in battle, any serious injury could be fatal because of the presence of an enemy. However, Gay went relatively unscathed thanks to the presence of his Randall Bowie knife."

"During the firefight, his knife caught the bullet and prevented it from seriously injuring him. The bullet shattered the blade causing fragments to enter his skin, but the knife stopped the bullet from going into his leg. Had he not been carrying his knife, there’s no doubt he would have been shot and potentially gravely wounded. It was this bravery, luck and valor that kept Gay fighting that day and eventually earned him a Bronze Star with Valor Device. Even though something like this would likely never happen outside battle situations, large knives can actually stop bullets."

"The part about the Randall knife saving the Seal from injury is a story that Chris Kyle told in his book."

"Here's John's recollection of that incident as told to me in July of 2004:


Nothing to be impressed about. The bad guy had me dead to rights. His windage was on, but I think his elevation was off, or the bullet dropped too much, as I was driving away from his position when I got hit. The knife literally "saved my ass"! It was a hand me down model 15 Airman, 5.5 inch Stainless Steel, saw-teeth, green micarta handle, and leather Sullivan sheath. This knife has its own history too. It was given to me by a fellow team mate at Navy SERE school, where we were both stationed as Combat SAR Instructors, when I left to try out for a high end SEAL team on the East Coast that will go unnamed. It was given to him by a Vietnam era SEAL, who later unfortunately died on a diving accident in Subic Bay, PI. I wore it by itself on my pistol belt, right hip, as at the time I was wearing body armor and a chest mounted ammo rig, along with a shoulder holster. Like to wear everything high when riding in vehicles. Anyways, the round hit dead center of the sheath, on the stone pouch, hit leather, stone, leather, went thru and hit steel. The bullet ricochet out the side stitching, but about 3.5 inch of steel from the 5.5 inch blade blasted out the back of the sheath and into my hip in several large fragments. All in all, I came out pretty good. It felt like I was hit with a baseball bat swung by Sammy Sosa. Flesh wound I guess you would call it, with major contusions and a stress fracture of my hip. I did salvage the knife and what was left of it (.5 inch in front of tang, and about .25 inch of the tip) before we left the burning hulk of our HUMMV in the streets of the Mog. The sheath of course was still on my belt. I have told this story all the way to the President of the United States, Bill Clinton at the time…… The sad part of the story is that after I left the Team I was assigned to when this all happened, I moved out to San Diego, and for some crazy reason, someone stole the remains of my Randall, and a replacement a friend of my who made knives gave me, out of my house while I was away on an exercise in Korea. Now all I have are the picture I took of it.

Regards, John"

And here is the photo he refers to:
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