Thrust Power (Spring Power, Spring Loading)

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Thrust Power (Spring Power, Spring Loading)

Post by Ryan » Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:21 pm

Spring-loading is quite like boxing with a Haymaker, it's bring back your weapon hand like a spring and snapping it out. Combine this with your legs in a thrusting, spring like motion and you can have a devastating effect on human tissue. It's all about leverage, spring off the toes and snapping out the knife. Some teach to 'leap' into the strike, even putting the knee into the small of the back; like the technique 'carry off'. Some people teach it like a striking cobra, you snap out and back in, ready to instantly snap out again. The spring needs practice, your muscles and body has to get used to being reactionary enough, stretch those muscles! It doesn't matter how big someone is, a knife can bring them down to your weight, your sex, your height, your stature with just 1/16th of an inch against flesh. You have to put a guy down, to be able to move them and control the way you want to.

Thrusting is great in situations such as a compromise on approach, or when using such examples as a bayonet. Anti-thrust and grab maneuvers are to be thought about though, such as someone countering the bayonet strike and pushing the bayonet to the ground. Once the knife goes into the dirt, it's a weak position that you're in; especially if it gets stuck in the ground.

"The Green Beret Combat Course: Training the Elite Fighter for War", written by Chief Warrant Officer James M. Webb, Blaise Loong and Sergeant John S. Joyce. Two of the names there being combat veterans and instructors for the Special Forces Combatives Course.

"Sentry neutralization is taught utilizing empty-hand, garrote, and knife techniques. Not only are the actual killing movements taught and practiced, but also the philosophy of close quarter termination, stealth, stalking, visual domination, spring power, timing, environmental control and spontaneous reactions (both of yourself and the sentry target) Realism in all situations in stressed to its heighest point. Two-man sentry neutralization techniques are presented for absolute control of an armed guard."

As discussed at 0:55.
I recommend watching this video series by the way, he's not a Youtube Guru; he's a great teacher.
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