Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics

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Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics

Post by jimothy_183 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:57 pm ... r-E-Larsen

Written by the same man who wrote the book "Light Infantry Tactics For Small Teams".

The Light Infantry Tactics book was written in 2005 and the Paintball and Airsoft book was written in 2008.

From what I have read this is basically an improved version of the previous book. However I will still keep on referring to the older book as well as this one. One of the main reasons is because from what I can see there is at least one very important subject that was missed and that is Land navigation. Other reasons being that I prefer how some of the other smaller things were done in the older book.

In the reviews page of the amazon site there are a number of critical points that have been made about this book. Positive points are essentially the same as the older book.

1. This newer book is just a repackaging of the older book under a new title to attract a different audience, namely paintballers and airsofters.
2. "This book does not go very deep into the subject of Paintball and Airsoft specific subjects, nor does it talk about how to adapt the tactics to this different environment.

From my point of view neither of these points really apply to me since I don't do paintball or airsoft but I just wanted to point it out to those who do.
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