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Post by jimothy_183 » Mon May 28, 2012 4:30 pm

This thread is about the relevance of the 1911 in the 21st century.

My 2 cents: All vids above have completely valid points and in the second video his conclusions are all spot on and agreeable.

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Re: 1911

Post by El Freddio » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:48 pm

Gotta love James Yeager :)

Anyway, in my oppion, I think the best place for an 1911 in combat is backup for a SWAT officer. I think this as 1911's are accurate, and that's what a SWAT team needs most the time. 7-8 round magazines are not much of a penatly considering that A. Most the time you'll have your MP5, M4 or whatever B. You've got three or four other guys with you and C. Normally a SWAT team won't be fighting against more than two or three bad guys.

Now, I'm not saying a 1911 is the best pistol for that situation. As much as I said the 7-8 or whatever round magazine isn't much of a problem, I don't think I've ever been in a (videogame :roll: ) shootout and complained of having too much ammo. 15-17 rounds of 9mm is better than 7-8 .45s. Also at the range I figure most SWAT shooting happen, I doubt accuracy is going to need to be of the "super pin point blow the pecker of a fly off" kind. Plus, who knows, you may be up against a whole load of terrorists, and it's gonna get pretty damn Foxtrot Uniform for you if your M4 kicks the **** and all you've got is your M1911 :twisted: :shock: .

So basically all I said in the first paragraph I've kinda disproven :lol:

IMHO, If you really want to use one, ya can but if I was heading on a raid/hostage rescue/kick ass super black ops world saving mission I'd want something like a Glock, CZ-75, P226, USP etc. My $0.02 take it for what it's worth :D
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