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Kyle Defoor on mindset

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:04 am
by ClearRight

IMO, a good little talk on mindset.

Re: Kyle Defoor on mindset

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:41 am
by Breacher01
This guy seems fake.

If you:
- Reason about shooting to kill
- Feel you have the right
- Have to think abstract about killing or dying well

You will not be able to assess a situation/reason in a split second and double tap, moga-drill(2 2 the body 1 2 the head) or shoot someone in the head. The threat portrayed here has already made his mind up, is ready to take out anyone interfering with his agenda, and is fully prepared to break the law in any way he think he needs.

Shooting to kill is something you do, and reason about afterwards. You need more training to do this than any civilian has time or resources for. Mindset is more important to enter a room or hallway. kill shots are something you do with minimal thinking, and a lot of reasoning when things calmed down.

Civilians i think should not be concerned with a killing mindset, its not their place, and should not be their responsibility. Us arresting dangerous people are mentally prepared, have the firepower, experience and a "limited license to kill". If everything goes wrong we lose our job, get suspended or demoted. We can always claim we we're trained to react with lethal force. Any civilian may get into legal problems or jail.

I respect US Americans, and the their right to arm bears(pun intended), but you can't claim judges over there respect their "killing mindset" when they kill someone over stealing a TV or any replaceable goods.

If you train for, and are prepared to kill for the defense of your family in my part of the world you are most likely a criminal who has betrayed other dangerous criminals.