Combat Assault Dogs

K9 used in CQB

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Combat Assault Dogs

Post by Ryan » Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:57 am


Combat Assault Dogs. CADs. I recently read a book by Mark Donaldson, VC, entitled "The Crossroad". Towards the end of the book when the Special Air Service Regiment begin to utilize specially trained Combat Assault Dogs to their advantage, he has a LOT of positive things to say about them. They saved his, and his mates, lives on many an occasion. They are also trained as Explosive Detection Dogs, marked to detect any ordnance, weaponry and so forth.

CAD example.

"Devil [the dog] was pulling back on it, dragging something out. I saw the tip of a weapon and shot the Talib as he emerged. He fell into the river, Devil was still attached to his arm."

"I thought he was giving me a 'false', or false indication, trying to trick me into giving him a reward... lo and behold there was a stashed-away AK and chest rig, all bombed up and ready to go."

"The insurgents had developed a technique of lying on a grenade if they were wounded so as to turn themselves into a bomb when we rolled them over... I sent Devil out in front... Fortunately it turned out all right [after the dog pulled the insurgent over]... and the dead fighter was not booby trapped."

"Devil ahead of me [went] into each house, each room, one at a time. As usual in these situations he was wearing a video camera mounted on his back... I received the picture instantly on a screen that I wore on my body armour."


He has many, many more such quotes out there expressing the great force-multiplier and asset these dogs are. What are your thoughts?

Some other notes from his book:
- They always tried to get key angles on the target from multiple areas.
- They always tried to take a "vis", visual, through the windows or opening before moving in.
- As mentioned, dogs go in first and try to drag someone out. When multiple Taliban were present often the dog got hurt or killed, but with that the soldiers could make a different course of action to kill the threats - knowing now there were either two or more of them, or that they were very combat effective.
- If the fatal funnel was clogged, they used a tonne of grenades, but instead of moving in after each grenade they would test the waters to get the enemy to fire and thus show himself as still being alive and combat effective. And they wouldn't move in, as he was combat effective and trained on the door. At one point Donaldson commented on this, about an immediate entry saying "Not likely!".
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