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Post by Ryan » Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:19 am

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Re: Lawfare

Post by Breacher01 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:57 am

@Robot: Заебись

OT: Warfare against an non uniformed enemy is always dangerous, that's why the rules of war allow for killing of not uniformed individuals taking deadly actions in war, I don't exactly remember the manual, but with the Geneva convention there was a distinct difference with uniformed and unidentifiable 'non-combatants' (spies at the time).

When they choose to fight among civvy's, in my opinion they use their own as human shields, and don't conform to the Geneva conventions. I myself have taken actions with a great risk to civilians not choosing to choose sides, for the security of my unit. Its always a very hard choice to call in support on "non-combatants" according to the Geneva convention who you suspect or know to have a role in combat decisions that will most likely have a direct lethal effect on your unit.

Most military men know how much ROE and the Geneva conventions as well as the Basic human rights come in the way when your brothers in arms start getting hurt or die. From an enemy without uniforms, markings or obvious allegiance.

Thats why they can be executed as spies even under current laws. If they take shelter among civilians you might consider these civilians unidentified combatants who cover spies according to the general rules of combat.

in practical situations you will not get permission to fore upon these targets, but its allowed. Any civilian providing (human) cover to these agents are non identifiable combatants as well, but most likely not voluntarily (presumed).

In Afghanistan I am curtain I've ordered strikes covering civilians as well as non-uniformed combatants(insurgents in English I suppose) to extract/help other ISAF units in a pinch, but after-action evidence was always scarce...

Wear your f*cking flag or be part of the soil-orders were scarce, but did happen. No ISAF unit has been in front of the The Hague court as far as I know.

The real-time implications of the Geneva conventions as well as general ROE is probably best spoken about in private, you had to be there I guess... It wasn't nice. I've seen Irak only when it was under western control for the most part, and have only helped keep it that way, but under no flag, so I have no very deep understanding of the war there, only as a PMC. SSDD...

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