Zero Dark Thirty

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Zero Dark Thirty

Post by Ryan » Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:03 pm ... st-images/

Was bound to happen. Any thoughts?

Personally I don't like Hollywood recreating any kind of military operation, they seem to fail all. I hated Hurt Locker, I've hated Act of Valor and I've hated nearly every other "military" movie since. They keep trying to get either more realistic or more Hollywood. But unfortunately either spectrum doesn't float that well with me. Either it's over-the-top with flameballs or embarrassingly corney with what must be their "been there, only once, but did that" 'advisers' input. :lol: Pretty sure some ex-MIL worked with the producers, pretty sure the author of No Easy Day did too; certainly looks and feels exactly like the book in the new trailers. Some of the annoyances are obviously filmed but the kit looks pretty "legit", at least for Hollywood. Never mind the fact they're all wearing and what looks like using the same exact everything. :lol:

No doubt I'll check it out just to check it out but I know afterwards I'll be sticking to documentaries!
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