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Post by Ryan » Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:38 am

Anyone here a Gunsmith or given a shot at the likes? Armourers are widely respected by all tactical communities and personally I want to learn more about not just gunsmithing but weapon internals and the way they operate -- and even more than that, what modifications can suit me and my environment.
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Re: Gunsmithin'

Post by Breacher01 » Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:58 pm

I do work with metalworking, and modify weapons. You can picture this as buying upgraded components off the internet or NSN catalog, and do some precision planing or shaping to get the new part to fit exactly as specifications need.

Most of my skill goes into lawnmowers and chainsaws, but I have a brain, and access to a shop where I can machine everything I need, even CAD drawings.

About firearm parts: just try to fit them, and know how to strip(not field strip) a certain weapon and see if you can get it back together. for AR and AK's there is a huge amount of info on youtube. for p90, mp5mkII, SIG's etc information is harder to find.

Sidearms are the most documented i think, but have limited upgrade possibilities.

My advice is to craft your own "Hot-saw" from a stihl 260 or similar and learn machining at the same time you learn fully stripping your weapon.

Gunsmithing is all about getting every part to work flawlessly with the rest. machining is the skill to do the minimum amount of milling to get the right result.

both skills are intertwined.

Good luck, and hit me with questions if you want.

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