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Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:47 pm
by Ryan

Re: Warhacks

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:47 pm
by Breacher01
Very interesting, but I see positive and negative things on all points. Please comment your thoughts on my view of things.

Warhack #1 – Night vision goggle mount and a rifle scope.

Good idea, At least you dont have to point your muzzle at everything you want to see. Drawback is obviously you dont only need to carry the optics. Without a counterweight(like a NVG battery) your helmet becomes front heavy.

Warhack #2 – Whaling harpoon gun, winch cable, and a military vehicle.

In the Dutch army every light vehicle has a winch, and every armored vehicle has loads of heavy chain. deployment seems great with a launcher, however I don't think its as reliable as attaching a cable or chain by hand. Also I would prefer a .50cal over a harpoon launcher in most situations.

Warhack #3 – Infantry Fighting Vehicle weapons system, WiFi, and an Apache helmet.

This seems to go directly into the developements of the MICH helmets it seems. From losing the brim, then opening up the sides for better hearing and communication devices to the now so popular FAST cut barebones helmets like the OPS CORE ones. Also Vehicle Crewmans helmets have been shrinking scince they got a hard shell.

On the other hand RF troops have been using the Zsh 1 and Zsh 1-2 helmets for special operations, but officially it was an aircrew helmet. It lost a lot of popularity because it covers the ears, impairing hearing of ambient sound. Also its cumbersome.