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Post by Ryan » Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:29 am

Just a note on contraindications for "free thinkers". Wait, that's not the right word. :P

There are multiple types of contraindications:

1. Absolute contraindications.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE must this be done.

I always think of the way certain classes of medications work for this one, and just how wrong they would be in certain conditions.

2. Relative contraindications.

As a standard this treatment CAN be dangerous unless MODIFIED to suit the specific purpose.

I always think of NPA's and the "don't shove it into their brain, they have Battle's sign" fallacies.

3. General contraindications.

These contraindications affect the entire body.

4. Local contraindications

These contraindications affect a localized area of the body.

5. Combined contraindications

A condition may be any combination of absolute or relative and general or local. Following are some examples of conditions which fall into each category.
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