SEAL Knife Training DVD

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SEAL Knife Training DVD

Post by Ryan » Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:10 am

- Camming (redirection)
- Balance
- Thrust, stab, slash (slice) and countering each
- Triangulation (leg of triangle, apex of triangle)
- Skeletal relationships
- Timing
- Knife disarm (remove the fang of the snake)
- Gaze, "focus" or "gazing"
- Fixation, target fixation
- Shielding
- Distancing
- Double edge, single edge weapons
- Angles of attack (vertical, horizontal and diagonal planes)
- Room entry versus combative opponent
- Simple throws
- Knife retention
- Falling
- Threat levels
- Level of force
- Strike and anatomical damage (tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves, vessels)
- Limb checks
- Throat strike
- Using opponents knife
- Dropping them to a knee (knee strike)
- Design of blades and weapon qualities (and capabilities) such as serrations, blood gutter (blood groove), handles and clip points
- Clip knives, folding knives, fixed blades
- Muscle spasms
- "Last resort" weapons (E&E, SERE)
- CQB application of knife techniques

A few bollocks noted in the video:
- Radial artery doesn't take 30 seconds. Bleeding to unconsciousness from the radial artery is going to take much longer... in fact ignore all his 'this amount of seconds' per anatomical attack...
- Standing still there with you knife on a mat waiting for the opponent to attack, lol!
- "Immediate shock" is not true, medically...
- Carotid vein cuts do not 'paralyze the heart', a strike which interfered with the vagus nerve on the other hand may interfere...
CQB-TEAM Education and Motivation.

"Pragmatism over theory."
"Anyone with a weapon is just as deadly as the next person."
"Unopposed CQB is always a success, if you wanted you could moonwalk into the room holding a Pepsi."

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