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Street Fight Videos

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:38 am
by Ryan
Posting up a few street fight videos. I love watch the reality of fights, the way two opponents try out-wit and beat each other. Here goes...

Jorge seriously out-did Ray... twice! To say Ray was 200 odd pounds, 6 foot this. Never estimate purely on sizing up your opponent.
Ray had no technique and he was predictable, Jorge had the stamina and just kept him going. A cat playing with a mouse.

I love this. Short, sharp bursts with perfect blocking technique. To be defensive is fine, but you shouldn't hug up and give up. You still have to fight back. You can't rope-a-dope on the streets. The way he gets those leg kicks in really fast as SOON as the dude is a micrometer out of punching range. Forcing him to move to block, counter or dodge still put him in range of the security guards punches, kicks, elbows and knee shots!

And finally... a bunch of videos put together. It's always good to see a variety of styles and outcomes.

Unfortunately most are not trained fighters! It gives you a good look into the possibilities of a person from a non-fighter background reacting to such a situation.