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Judo Bayonet Training

Post by Ryan » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:04 am


"“Judo instruction is one of the high spots in the life of the latest addition to the Leatherneck Marines here. An instructor shows a recruit how to make the enemy’s bayonet useless. Cpl. Arvin Lou Ghazlo, USMC, giving judo instructions to Pvt. Ernest C. Jones, USMCR.” Montford Point Camp, NC. April 1943.

Amazing material...excellent tutorials as well.

John Seeger's Grandfather Robert William Seeger trained over 1/2 million G.I.'s in the art of hand to hand combat during WW 2. He was also a Champion Wrestler & Bodybuilder, who owned Seeger's Gym for 30 years. Seeger was known as the Foremost Authority on Judo during WW 2, Inventor of the Faster than Human Bayonet Dummy, the Man Who Taught the Army How to Fight, Pasadena Strongman, the Only Civilian Ever to Change the Fighting Tactics of America's Military Forces John has compiled through his relatives, impressive material on his Grandfather that includes books, magazines, letters of gratitude from military & government officials, pictures, film, etc. There is enough material for a biographical movie & sequels of Grandfather Seeger's highly impressive life & accomplishments."

-- http://iccf.freeforums.org/judo-bayonet ... -t271.html
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