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Spot the mistakes - Video

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:14 pm
by Alfa47
Hello there.
One of my friends approached me with this video: ... 3559022465

He noted some mistakes and posted a comment pointing it out, and then the uploader went full 'GTFO dumb kid' on him. Since he didn't actually make any educated points and he acted as if he knew everything about CQB, I decided to fix his knowledge by asking actual educated people to spot the mistakes.
So, will you guys point 'em out? I'll stay out of it 'cause I'm a bit of an asshole.

Re: Spot the mistakes - Video

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:25 am
by Ryan
Lol, I used to troll around Youtube posting critique. It often brought aggression. Some good times. Some great discussions actually. A lot of dickheads though. More productive places like writing actual articles (SOFREP, SpotterUp) or PowerPoints (SlideShare) tends to be more productive criticism or just likes and follows. Youtube and those places brings all the douchebags.

Best one was a group of people saying that you couldn't throw a frag up a hill in case it "rolls back." And the conversation went on to discuss slopes and fortified positions and different battles where it happens (case studies)... and then someone mentioned that "yeah but what about a hill with no crest?" then it's not a fucking hill, is it? :lol:

I remember Trevor posting on one and someone saying "Yeah, what are you Special Forces? Ha ha big man" (or something like that). Even though he is USSF. This is the problem with internet discussions. People + anonymity + egos = stupidity and stubbornness. No one is really objective. They just care about their side. It's another religion.

Some tactical forums are terrible places too. James Yeager's is crap for trying to dispel any dogma or discuss any aspects of CQB without getting jumped on with a bunch of accusations. Even M4Carbine I saw a thread by Trevor where people jumped all over him. "I bet you're not even in the Military" type of comments. The bitchyness of some dudes is unbelievable.

I'll post on this dudes comment just to see the reaction. :P

Re: Spot the mistakes - Video

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:25 am
by Ryan
@jimothy - you have similar experiences with douches too (in real-life too :wink: ).