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Team building clearing videos

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:23 pm
by Jack
Hear is one of the best methodical room clearing videos that I have found. Feel free to post videos where a team dose a good job of clearing a building.

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2009 12:22 am
by geryban
Its a good video... This is one way. Some opinion (subjective, dictate by my CQB sistem): Why they (and a lot of units) dont use left-right fire hand? Its very important for corners... Why hold the second man his gun in low ready in a stack? In this type of corridor the VEE is not a best choise i think :) Why they use dinamic movements without a FB (never go to the room, before the BOOM)?

Re: Team building clearing videos

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:06 am
by Ryan

Re: Team building clearing videos

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:05 pm
by Jack
I don't totally agree with how they do everything in this video, but overall it is pretty good and close to how I would do an entry. I like spitting during the initial entry. Although the third guy didn't really get out of the fatal funnel. Not bad though.

I love stacking back up and moving in a snake formation after the initial entry is made, although I would have taken the third man deeper into the house and not left him standing at the front door. If you feel it is necessary to hold the front room, you can do that from further into the house. Maybe they are working off the assumption that in most buildings there will be stairs in the front room that need to be held on. In which case great.

I don't mind exiting the way they did, one at a time. Not how I would do it but whatever. However if you are going to do that the last man needs to cover the rear and not be holding on the front door when two of his buddies just went through and cleared it.

It is important to note they did everything in a very safe manner. The entry was well thought out and executed.

Good video.

Re: Team building clearing videos

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:30 am
by 4Bravo1
This team is very locked in with their method and it was probably pretty well rehearsed. It looks good, but since I am pro- modified limited penetration/entry, I just don't like the method in absence of surprise. Again, I am not nitpicking the team, they look sharp, but here are a few points:

@ 1:30, if you were a dedicated defender, where would you be? Down the hall at a corner looking at four guys wedged into a small hallway. They would absolutely be massacred. It would be nearly impossible to miss. My SOP would dictate that two operators snap around the edge of the door and look for deep threats before entry. This would be brief and would be followed by rapid, and I mean rapid movement down the hallway to get to the key terrain before the enemy. If the enemy was seen, two operators (or maybe up to four) would immediately fire with the benefit of cover or concealment and they would present a split target. Overall time to the next corner would actually be quicker do the rapid speed after entry.

2:15 notice the view from the hatch above. Again, my first two guys would have identified this and had it covered immediately before entry. This team gets in smooth and quick and with surprise they would get it done, but if a guy had a weapon and heard the first part of their original entry, this would be a decisive area to wait for an ambush.

I like their flow and their pie-ing when they do it. Guys are locked on for dynamic, but if they run into a prepared dedicated defender at key terrain, the team will most likely take multiple casualties. I just don't trust that I will always have surprise and why not use tactics that don't require it, but are enhanced by it. My $.02


Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 5:25 am
by Ryan
geryban wrote:Why hold the second man his gun in low ready in a stack? In this type of corridor the VEE is not a best choise i think :)
Agreed on the first point but what is a VEE? As in a V-shaped corridor, a split corridor?

Re: Team building clearing videos

Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 11:56 am
by jimothy_183
maybe he means VEE formation (as seen in ArmA) otherwise known as rolling T in CQB.