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How To Shoot More Effectively In CQB + A New CQB Study

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 2:09 pm
by 5shot
How To Shoot More Effectively In CQB + A New CQB Study

Below are links to a new article. I would post it here, but it is 2 big.

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Force Science News: Transmission # 134 published Part 1 of a 2-part series dealing with a major new study dealing with close quarters armed encounters.

A key finding is that "those who win lethal assualts do so, in part, because they achieve target acquisition with their firearm in a way that is directly opposite of how most officers are trained."

The info goes on to explain that basically officers are trained to use their sights in the process of acquiring the target and shooting, while experienced police operators basically use Point Shooting which allows them to shoot more quickly and more accurately.

Below is a link to a digest that I made of Part 1 of the series. The full information will be added to the Force Science Research web site in the future.

You can request to be included in the e-mailings of the newsletter at

Here's the link to the digest


Just came across this Homeland Security info on responding to an active shooter situation. IMO, it should be made available to all schools. ... ipBook.pdf


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