those anybody know how to practice cqb with limited resource

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those anybody know how to practice cqb with limited resource

Post by arthur » Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:34 am

im having problem in my unit .we need more bullets and training ranges for the infantryman.dry rehearsal are ok but live bullets are needed to measure our markmanship.we can't use airsoft due to the nature of injury in those anybody have an idea. simulation is out of the question because everybody and their mother is trying to get it.

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Post by Jack » Thu Nov 06, 2008 3:05 am

I would suggest that you don't let this be a moral issue. There are so many other skills that can be developed in CQB that I wouldn't freak out about that one issue. Dry firing of course should be used, and used, and used, and used.

Get creative on developing other skills to sharpen your unit. When you do have ammo, don't waist it. Plan very carefully so that you get the maximum training value out of the rounds that you are issued.

Many firearms skills can be practiced without ammo, including;

1. loading and unloading
2. malfunction drills
3. use of cover
4. muzzle discipline and safety
5. building searches
6. Even marksmanship (dry fire)
7. weapon retention and empty weapon fighting
8. plus so many others

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Training method

Post by kustom » Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:46 pm

How is airsoft disallowed for injury reasons?
Airsoft is one of the lowest-impact training methods there is. Simmunitions are far more dangerous.

We did about 2 hours of room clearing drills last weekend with airsoft, the last hour or so were live fire, and we maybe went through 200 rounds of airsoft ammo with about 20 people.
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Post by Mad Bastard » Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:32 am

one way is to get yourself a training area, (i like abandoned buildings, empty buildings, buildings under construction, or secure you local killhouse)
and then hire a local mobile paintball company to show up and do an event, its much cheaper tahn buying the equipment, and you dont have to worry about everyone having thier own paintball guns. airsoft is excellent, but initial expense is high because you cant rent them that i know of.
if you wear your combat goggles or the masks provided by the paintbal event company you will not incur any injuries other than a couple bruises if all of your skin is covered, the importance is ALWAYS on protecting the eyes regardless of training or combat or even recreation. and you can usually work out an agreement with the paintball event owner that you bring boxes of your own paintbals you can purchase much cheaper in a store than from the event company.
you will have to put in the time on the phone to contact and make arrangements with the paintball company and explain your situation, and then recon foreward to find the training areas i mentioned above. then it should be a minimum fee per head for the day of training and yall gunna have to pitch in on teh paintballs.
the 3 most important things on cqc are
1. proper iscosoles firing position
2. team work and proper movement
3. proper clearing techniques

marksmanship is secondary to all that if not less important in conventional operations or high intensity conflict for the following reasons
1. combat at less than 5 meters (CQC technicaly defined IAW FM) is primarily reflexive or rapid pairs with the emphasis being on CBM (center body mass) so being able to headshoot like a movie star isnt a priority
2. due to the "controlled and rapid pairs" first round quick kill importance is minimized, and if your a good boy and load 28 rounds per 30 round mag you should kill 14 men per magazine (especially because there isnt hardly any call for suppressive fire during room clearing operations once you have penetrated the structure.) and 14 men is more than your likely to find in any one single room or moderately sized building (and remember thats only 1 magazine)
if you pay attention to the dot in your M68 reflexive sight and think "bang" then you will know where your round wouldhave hit even without ammo, youll need to pay more attention.
3. when you have limitted ammo, divide equally among all members and then reduce to half filled or less magazines and unevenly distribute rounds per mag, this will add a more realistic dimension to your training for continuous operations (mag changes, out of ammo drills) and conserve ammo at the same time.
4. as an old missouri squirrel hunter, one bullet, one squirrel. the less ammo you have, then inversely the more accurately youll fire it. rather than an unlimitted amount to spray around.
eye and skin protection and then air soft and paintball will value your drills greatly, because the emphasis is on the proper execution of scenarios and teamwork, not sniper accuracy at less than 5 meters.
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Post by german8 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:26 pm

(i like abandoned buildings, empty buildings, buildings under construction)
The only problem with this is that cops are always lurking around those types of buildings. But they do make great places to train if you don't get arrested. :lol:

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part of the game

Post by Mad Bastard » Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:10 am

theres risk in evrything, you can always try and get permission to train there, or do i tduring broad daylight, do good recon and it helps to have a few friends who are cops, or you could see if a cop buddy wants to do some training with you, then youre clear. think like an operative, not like a tool, itll save your life.
regards, The Mad Bastard

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