Sling Tension and Punching Out

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Sling Tension and Punching Out

Post by Ryan » Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:05 am ... StuM_CsYgQ


"They used sling tension to index the MP5 in place much like a two handed pistol position does. I learned the method [the SAS sling press] when I trained at the old HK International MP5 school, as well as at former SAS Trooper Phil Singleton's various MP5 based schools...

...It was with great astonishment that I discovered the application of this old technique with the bullpup rifles, notably the Steyr AUG. Out at the training area, moving quickly...not so much involved in marksmanship training as it could be considered Crossfit with a firearm.

Moving rapidly through a drill, firing to either side on the move...monsoon rain coming down, soaked to the skin. When the body is taxed it will find the easy path. Taking a left-handed corner, firing at a target ten feet away, there it was...I punched out with my left hand, thrusting the muzzle at the threat.

The butt stock moving toward left shoulder rather than the right - but not waiting to touch the shoulder - firing as I cleared the corner. Five hits...three in the target's body and two in the face. Then the analysis of what I had done...

...To shoot either pivot the rifle up...not worrying about "butt-on-the-shoulder" and engage. Or simply punch out toward the threat and fire."

What are your thoughts on this article and these methods:

Things mentioned: SAS Sling Press, Face index, Cheek index, Modified Cheek index, "On the Hunt" position, Sling tension, Punching out.
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