SEAL Sniper Training DVD

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SEAL Sniper Training DVD

Post by Ryan » Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:24 am

- POA, POI; point of aim, point of impact
- NPOA; natural point of aim
- Range cards
- Elevation and windage MOA and increments (angular measurement)
- Degrees (including decimal degrees), minutes and seconds
- Mil Radians, Mil Dot Reticule
- Range and wind estimation and indicators
- Calling wind and wind corrections
Note: nothing on spin drift, Coriolis effect, powder burn time, etc
- Wind at muzzle and wind at target
- Effects of slopes (pygotham theorem)
- Kinetic energy
- Shooting calculations
- Final firing positions (FFPs)
- Lighting
- Rifle and optic personality
- Stances and shooting platforms
- Indexing
- Signature
- Spotter and sniper (roles)
- Canting
- Lay up points (LUPs)
- Stationary and moving targets
- Unknown distance targets
- Mirage, breeze on face, dust, blowing newpapers
- Temperature on POI
- Temperature up, sights down; Temperature down, sights up
- Kim's Games
- Observational techniques
- Methodical searching patterns
- Overlapping areas of search
- Spot checks
- Silhouetting
- Light NDs
- Shine
- Sniper/tree cancer
- Shooting lines and FFP clearance (brass, sign, etc)
- No beelining (beeline) to FFP; zig-zag (zig zag)
- Clearing a bullet path
- Clearing a dead space for muzzle blast
- Stalking
- Exit routes
- High crawls, kneeling, prone
- Ditches, drainage areas, trenches
- Hot areas
- Dealing with snags (i.e. on belt)
- Flagging the enemy (mistakes; signature, compromise)
- Topographical map and compass
- Map reconnaissance
- Equipment and weapon portfolios
CQB-TEAM Education and Motivation.

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