Long-Range Handgun Shots

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Long-Range Handgun Shots

Post by Ryan » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:29 am

Long-Range Handgun Shots: Most violent confrontations occur, or at least start out, at very close distances. Armed with this information the majority of our time spent training and practicing consists of firing combative responses at close range, hopefully while moving to create distance, obtain cover, or present the threat(s) with a moving target as opposed to a stationary one. We also know there are situations, exceptions with elements outside the norms, that require long distance shots with a pistol. In 1994 a military base security guard took out the threat, who had already killed five and wounded others with his AK style rifle from seventy yards. The officer rode his bike full speed from a half mile away and using a kneeling position fired four shots, scoring two hits. Making long distance pistol shots requires applying the fundamentals of marksmanship; aim, hold, press, and follow through for every shot. The time it takes to cycle through this sequence, especially the trigger press, is dictated by the accuracy necessary. Luckily extra distance usually means you have a little additional time to apply the fundamentals, plus create more stability by bracing against something solid and/or lowering your center of gravity - braced kneeling vs. standing... (I don't recall reading if the man at the Texas trailer park who engaged a murderer, at 165 yards, who was trying to shoot the responding officer, used any sort of bracing for his shots. Many years ago, an LASD deputy went braced-kneeling to shoot a fleeing cop killer in the Marina area. I used to know an LAPD officer who shot a Korean gang member, who was trying to shoot him with some sort of long gun, in the chest, at 76 yards, during the Rodney King riots of 1992. He said that he had no idea of the distance until the shooting-investigation team measured it. He fired upright, unsupported. As I recall, Jeanne Assam, the volunteer security officer who shot the killer at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, in 2007, fired from a similar distance, also upright and unsupported. I have no quarrel about the marksmanship advantages of firing from braced positions, closer to the ground. However, if such positions are used without cover, they also lower your vital organs to where they may be hit from shots that skip of pavement or hard ground.)

-- http://www.thetacticalwire.com/archived ... tical.html "Skill Set: Magnified Mistakes"
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