Use of computer sims in military training

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Use of computer sims in military training

Post by jimothy_183 » Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:26 am

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The way I see it is that they can do 2 things for a military or LEA or whatever:

1. Create a bridge between classroom theory and field training.

That means that instructors can save time during field training by correcting some of the more common and/or simple mistakes during the simulation phase. If time can be saved in the class room then more time can be spent on other stuff when it's time to train in the field.

2. Allow people to keep their tactical skills and knowledge sharp when field training is not an option.

For example marines on a ship can only practice marksmanship on the deck and practice small unit tactics on things like VBS2 below deck.

But as you all know "simulators" ARE NOT substitues of real life field training.

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