Ghillie suit idea

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Ghillie suit idea

Post by Jack » Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:19 pm

I have built a few ghillie suits and have used them in training and on real operations.

However, they are bulky. They take up a lot of room in my kit. You sweat like a pig in the summer. Fall and summer presents a great variety in color and it is difficult to build a suit that fits into both environments. Also building the suit the right size is a problem, because sometime I wear it by itself, sometimes I'm wearing winter close underneath and sometimes I need to wear all of my SWAT gear under it.

So, the next ghillie suit I'm going to build is going to be a bush rag, or basically a poncho net. That's it, just the net, I don't sew it to BDU's or anything. I simple make a poncho out of a net, then add burlap.

The best part is, I'll put fall browns and such on one side of the net, and summer green died burlap on the other side. That way it is reversible depending on the time of year. Plus if I need a mix, I'll pull a few of the browns through to the green side.

To me this poncho system has the following advantages to a traditional suit:

1. It is cheaper to make
2. It fits over any backpack, thick clothing, or vests
3. It is reversible so it is really like having two ghillie's, green and brown
4. It breaths better and can be worn at hotter times of year.
5. It takes up less room in my kit
6. It is quick to take on and off
7. it can be used to make a hide, or cover up equipment without me wearing it
8. all of my gear can hide under it including my rifle, and packs


1. I can't crawl on the ground very easily because the front isn't smooth like on a traditional ghillie(it is a poncho and is more for a crouched stock than a belly stock)
2. You are more likely to get hung up on branches and thorns

Of course I would still need to make a detached ghillie hat to go with it. I could wear the poncho loose or tie it tight with a belt.

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Post by Admin » Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:12 pm

Good idea Jake.
I used the same primitive camouflage, it fits easily into a backpack. I also used some elastic on each arm and legs and used grass and hay, found in the area to mask them.
Primitive but fast and easy to make.

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