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"CQB techniques applied outside"

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:14 am
by Ryan
If you're going to apply anything learnt for room clearing or in a sense that is very urbanized and apply to outside areas or oppositely apply outside technique to within a room you have to realize a few things...

Outdoors - you're going to have virtually unlimited paths of movement, a bigger field of vision and therefore more optionality. It doesn't stop here, there is much more - most of it doesn't need to be considered on general operations though.

Indoors - you're in an enclosed space, you have to clear multiple areas (say both corners) as a unit with limited time between you, your paths of movement can be narrowly defined hence creating danger zones such as funneled terrain and it's a lot closer contact.

For example if you do work on a certain technique mainly used in the outdoor setting then it will instantly need modified. For example HTLE involve a bound as do some stairwell clearances used by the BA and they need a modified approach to how-to. You have a strict path of movement, you are closer to each others arc of fires and often you have interlocking arcs of fires. This doesn't sound like a lot but it usually ends up being a new situation of problem solving to get the same results in CQB. For example interlocking arcs may mean you have to fire over somebody's head, go around somebody to shoot and overall orientate yourself in a better way than you would out in a field or open space.

This is usually why the saying goes, "Nothing is wrong, it's just different". You cannot be as generally orientated as the conventional mindset when it comes to CQB because it's not wrong if it saves your arse. Someone could easily argue that shooting past someone is a no-no, heck I could too, but at one meter distant gunfights you may laugh it off when you realize the point is to survive but also the level of competency in CQB is substantially far greater with those decisions.

If you are going to high/low on an external corner, covering down the road then tick! Nice job. But if you take that to a doorway remember there are a LOT of cons which increases the disparity between what should and shouldn't be used, or at least what is and isn't advisable.

All in all it's SMALL UNIT TACTICS (SUT).

Re: "CQB techniques applied outside"

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:08 am
by markcielo
Pretty informative tips and techniques sir :)
Learning much to it, looking forward to all idea's if possible shared...