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Mortars and Artillery

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:31 am
by Ryan
In current urban warfare situations such as Syria, Mali... and Libya beforehand... the use of support assets ranging from mortars, artillery, attack helicopters and attack planes really changed the atmosphere around urban combat and guerrilla warfare around urban combat. When you're talking of weaponry that will blow you apart on direct hit, kill you at range with shrapnel and splash damage, take out anything from APC's to infantry, you're talking of a formidable and hard to counter force. You know any explosive ordnance is deadly, I mean IED's/EFP's account for over 50% of all combat deaths and injuries. RPG's can take out a whole fireteam in one boom. It is something that must always be looked at in ways to counter, it is something that is truly feared. What are your thoughts on such assets and operating around or with them?