Spain 17-8 attacks

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Spain 17-8 attacks

Postby Breacher01 » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:31 pm

In the mediterranian parts of spain a group of suspected 12 individuals tried to make a coordinated attack on spain, and the people there.

- 3 blew themselves up trying to create a weapon based on butage gas cilinders, but they failed and blew themselves up.
- 4 were arrested under unknown circumstances.
- 4 were killed during their attept to cause max damage in the barcelona region.
- The main suspect of diving a hired van trough a very bussy street was spotted, encountered by local police, threatedend with a fake bom vest and was shot on sight.

Special units arrived later.

What are your thoughts about terrorists using simple butane gas cilinders as weapons. I think this is new.
What do you think about terrorists using a simple hired white van to cause a lot of casualties?
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