Recent Tragic Events In Sydney

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Recent Tragic Events In Sydney

Post by EXMEDU » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:42 am

Hi All,

I need honest feedback regarding the methods used by Australian State Police Tactical Operation Units and their attempt to take control of a hostage situation here in Sydney a few days ago where 2 civilians were killed. I'm no Special forces operator, but I've seen professional military units exercise day in and day out for situations like this and from what I see in the footage...a lot was lacking in comparison.

Please refer to footage


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Re: Recent Tragic Events In Sydney

Post by Ryan » Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:11 pm

A friend of mine who is a Green Beret wrote this about it:

"Note the lack of immediate entry through the door, fighting from the door, shuffle stepping instead of the smooth Hollywood moving while shooting guys are trained to do but almost never do under serious duress.

Note they brought a bunker with them. Not completely unheard of, but it definitely will slow a team too dependent upon them. That loss of speed can be more critical than having extra protection when it comes to rescue work. One guy really struggles to get his bang as well. Hey I've been there too bro. Check your gear, set it up right, and train with it until you don't need to think about it.

Note the behavior making them slow down and "sniff the cave" that keeps them from smoothly flowing through the door. Instinctive and intuitive behavior almost alway trump trained behavior in high duress reactive situations."

A friend in the IDF said:

"By how things are looking something went wrong. That shooting from the depth and stuns into the room while friendlies inside ain't suggesting good things, I've seen things like this happening when 1 or 2 are down or stuck on the 100%. I hope no one from the lead numbers is down because looks like something stopped the movement on the 0%."

In other words it seems that when push comes to shove it was a good entry going against a prepared immediate threat, and instinctively people will slow up and check without blindly entering as taught in conventional units. This, though, carries potential risk in rescue work (as always many latent errors and assumed risks are involved in this type of work). There was enough time to make it a 'templated' hostage rescue, that is that they would of had good intelligence on target rather than a hasty direct action and it seemed that the plan was leaning towards one entry with one entry team.

When all the information comes out about it, it will be clearer to understand where the errors may have occurred and the lessons to learn. One news outlet said that the suspect fired seven shots, another four, and if so that's a long firefight. None the less after the initial shots it only took ~6 seconds for the entry team to prepare to enter, that's very good going. I'm not sure of the sniper teams role during this event or the weight behind using them but I'm sure that will be looked into also. What did you think personally?
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