Recording of Stacking Gone Right and Wrong

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Recording of Stacking Gone Right and Wrong

Post by Ryan » Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:44 am

Stacking Gone Right

Stacking Gone Wrong

"I definitely have. I once shot three agents in the facemask before any of them could get a shot off at me. It was at their SIM shoot house in Hogan's Alley. I was playing the suspect. The team entered my apartment and three agents stacked up outside a bathroom where I was hiding. The instructor gave the command for me to act (by telling the agents "Think about what you're doing") and I came around the corner, emptied the entire 8 or so rounds in the pistol by double- or triple-tapping at each of them, then ducking back into the bathroom before they realized what had happened.

After that, the instructor asked me to be "less aggressive" when engaging his agents."

- Todd G ( ... ring/page4).
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