Restacking - A Sin?

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Restacking - A Sin?

Post by Ryan » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:27 pm

To answer this question we must first know why we stack. Well, I'm outta ideas. But really, some theories of mine are:
1. Stacking was initially made for minimum safe distances from explosive charges (i.e. HR/CT/CRW);
2. Stacking allows people to be closer, in contact, coordinated, meaning less issues (i.e. stacking stopped fucktards fucking up);
3. Stacking decreases the gap of dispersion between those entering (i.e. everything looks neater, less chance for blue-on-blue);
4. When multiple people get ready to go into a hostile area, from the door, they often hug cover and each other for comfort hence "stacking" (i.e. primal response).

From this branched out numerous types of entries, usually conducted from a stack. There's one sure way of keeping a shoot-house safe and preventing people blasting each other. A nice, coordinated entry from a coordinate single file. This is why we note differences in unconventional entries, i.e. from stackless entries such as diagonal entries (example: ... one_wrong/), center penetrations, shooting from outside the door, etc, as opposed to buttonhooks and crosses, sticking to the strongwall and shooting designated targets within an area of responsibility. Okay. Stacking is used to keep coordination between movements and stop a charge from blowing my team away. Great.

What advantages does it offer?
1. The team is close meaning - we move together, we move in near-synchronous fashion, there is less of a "gap" between us entering, I won't lose track of anyone (hopefully! it has good accountability).
2. The breacher can check the door and everyone is ready for entry.
3. Less need for individual involvement. You just get in a file. This means no real thinking about the architecture, just following your SOPs.

What disadvantages does it offer?
Okay this is where it gets hairy.
1. Multiple people are in a close area, meaning multiple people can die in a short amount of action. Grenade, burst of an AK, RPG, Dshkm. Splat. This includes through-and-through hits, one round penetrating many. I don't have to be accurate. I just put rounds through the "fatal funnel". Teams were lost in Iraq because of these issues.
2. Often rely on already having security or being in a situation that is not compromised i.e. noise-light discipline. For example hallway security in a non-contested hallway, not being shot at prior to entry.

Restacking. Why can it be a sin?
1. If you're compromised on initial entry - think explosive charge, shooting, gate crashing, etc - then you could be walking into a muzzle or firefight. Stacking back up on a wall people can shoot through ain't a good idea. Especially when you're already compromised.
2. Cont from above... Neither is taking your sweet time getting into that formation before making entry - doesn't that seem rather silly wasting that time? If speed is the angel on your shoulder then why slow down? Times this by 10 on a large building. That's a good minute plus wasted.
3. It's predictable. There are thousands of videos on media sites that show these techniques. See #1 for the issues with that.
4. It's unreliable. Once you're getting shot at and things are getting violent, getting people into a file can be a hard task. Getting people out of that file, moving towards the doorway into a room with a hostile in it is even harder. This "choreographing" or "canning" in a shoothouse is hard to translate to a life-endangering event.
5. There's no crucial, life-saving advantages to it other than having a coordinated team (if everything on entry goes to plan from the stack, that is it may offer some amounts of command and control, accountability and risk aversion elements).
6. There are alternatives... You can have a limited gap of dispersion with stackless entries, too. They can be quicker, with no restacking involved.

In my opinion exit procedures or follow-on procedures are the fault. Teams have to know when to move onto the next room and how. How to exit this room, into the next one. Keeping up speed and precision in movement while doing so, as opposed to stopping and starting in a restack. Fill a gap and move in.
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Re: Restacking - A Sin?

Post by Breacher01 » Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:01 pm

Don't forget that if you work in teams with mixed people, or with other services you can't just improvise. That would take way too much time communicating.

Also if the walls don't stop bullets, and you are compromised you might as well stack up, breach, bang and clear. When the opposition is shooting through the walls they probably have just as much chance f hitting someone while stacking up as if you were dispersed throughout a room or corridor.

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Re: Restacking - A Sin?

Post by Alfa47 » Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:12 pm

Breacher01 wrote:Don't forget that if you work in teams with mixed people, or with other services you can't just improvise.
Oh, this vid shows that perfectly:

Chilean SFs and Green Berets fucking up during some CQB training.

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Re: Restacking - A Sin?

Post by Breacher01 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:06 am

Good thing simunition doesn't have the penetration power of 7,62x39's.

but you clearly see at 3:45-4:05 a single gunman keeping a rather large number of operators at bay firing only 15 blanks into a corridor. that's 20 seconds. in the scene afterwards he seems to be shooting the wall at random places, but im not sure anything paintball visors stop actually penetrates the wall, they may just be scared to enter because of muzzle flash around that doorway,

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