The Shoulder Check

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The Shoulder Check

Post by Ryan » Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:56 am

"At times we feel it makes a lot more sense to keep the gun oriented on the primary or most significant threat area as we quickly check a secondary area by looking over our shoulder for a brief moment. This was something again taken from the Israelis. We call it a shoulder check or check back. It is a technique we frequently use when moving forward quickly on an angle or area to clear it or when we are forced to enter an area with opposing openings, such as prior to one man entering a center-fed doorway... The shoulder check is an admitted compromise that works for specific conditions. But when clearing as one man, you have to make compromises. If you don’t like it, there are other options based on context."

"The gun is compressed to easily clear the door and then a "shoulder check" is conducted on the remaining corner before entering the room. The shoulder check is a technique long ago validated by the Israelis that allows one man to attack one corner and check the remaining without committing to entry. Pivoting the entire body and weapon into both corners is much slower. If there is a threat able to shoot first in the last corner it becomes like a quick peek and you bail out and find a more tactically sound way to solve the situation. We do not believe in the dogmatic phrase that your eyes and muzzle must 'always' be together." - TT at 88 Tactical.

0:57. Shoulder check.
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