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Beachhead Entry

Post by Ryan » Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:19 am

"So, is there a better way to take down a building? Is there a method that preserves all of the advantages gained from the speed of a dynamic entry as well as the safety of using a deliberate entry method? A “beachhead” assault technique may be just the answer.

In a beachhead (or, more properly, a “limited incursion”) entry, assault forces will dynamically enter and secure the primary breach point, typically through one of the doors, and occupy the room immediately adjacent. From there, the entry team has a variety of options. Once a secure footprint has been achieved inside the building, time becomes an ally.

Once the beachhead has been established, several options become viable, including verbally demanding the surrender of suspects still inside structure, introducing chemical munitions through select portals to drive suspects to the entry team, or slowly and carefully beginning to expand the secure footprint within the building, clearing as you go. No longer are you so committed that you “overrun” your safety net, yet you are also not exposed for any great period of time getting a secure “work area” established.

Having a fully equipped entry team suddenly inside a residence is definitely an attention getter, and psychologically, it begins to break down the resistance of any suspect, all before any contact is actually made. A great deal of limited-incursion entries see the suspects surrendering in much the same fashion as takes place during a high-risk traffic stop—they are simply instructed in how and when to come to the entry team, and in what fashion they are going to be taken into custody.
- See more at: ... gwle-entry"

Sounds like strong-holding?
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