Stood Off From the Door

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Stood Off From the Door

Post by Ryan » Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:04 am

Demonstrated video standing off from the door, giving space to engage an immediate threat before making the decision to enter, or while entering. 1:28. 4 inches off the door allows him to engage down the long-wall and pull into his sector down the short-wall. This is better, in my opinion, than traditionally stacking as it allows you to engage an immediate threat and halt entry if at all necessary. What are your thoughts? And P.S. Of course I would not do it the way demonstrated in the video. If it was within a stack with an open door, stepping off the wall and coming in off-angle will give you the same amount of space and distance to engage (deployment distance). I have mentioned this a few times elsewhere but I thought this video and concept deserved its own topic.

There are problems if done in the demonstrated way, as a door does not prevent a round from penetrated and injuring you. I'm definitely not advocating the way it was demonstrated.

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Re: Stood Off From the Door

Post by jcheng14 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:27 am

Ideally you would want to pie the entire door before you enter it and only have to deal with hard corners and any items of cover/concealment. Coming in at an angle instead of directly off the wall is faster but the angle has to be secured (pied) first. If you can't pie the entryway because of the door the first person of course intends to go to a hard corner, but any immediate threats have to be dealt with. Used to be people would shoot the guy and continue on to their corner letting following guys deal with it, but I think it's too slow and anybody in the corner could shoot 1. What's done now I think is that the first person will engage any immediate threat and continue to the threat and shoot them to the ground while the people behind pick up the slack and clear the corners. If you come in at the proper angles, it all works out.

Re: the technique in the video, it's not ideal because doors don't block bullets like you mentioned. I wouldn't let that keep me from using the technique though. It's all situational. Would work fine if you can achieve total surprise. Wouldn't work if against prepared resistance.

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