Plating Up

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Plating Up

Post by Ryan » Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:02 am

"If someone does shoot the first or second man, the third and fourth have bodies and armor in-between them and the shooter. you come over in high guard as the crease opens and you start shooting."

This sounds crazy but I have heard this before. Basically the guy in front of you may act as a shield, you see this a lot in room entries with multiple guys where they step in front of each other and around each other into the formation, i.e. a wallflood. Front, back and side plates in. "Plating". By the way this was brought to you from a comment on Youtube by a guy who claims to be trained by the SEALs. But true story I've heard of this before. This may then bring into play what a blocker is, acting as a wedge between incoming rounds? This is dangerously stupid if so. Other concepts that go along with this include a 'gap shot' or 'crease shot', shooting through the gaps of the formation.
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