Offensive Stronghold Clearance

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Offensive Stronghold Clearance

Post by Ryan » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:46 pm

RB1's Offensive Stronghold Clearance:

Offensive Stronghold Clearance is a 3-day course encompassing a number of techniques, tactics and training evolved around room entry and clearance. I note a few specifics and wanted to discuss them. This is after all what sounds to be a specific course designed around clearing a strong-pointed position or a position with a threat and which encompasses an immediate threat reaction. It is stated a few times as a drill, which would be a drill encompassing a bunch of methods made by RB1 themselves.

Watching the RB1 Adv. HR. ( ... =3&theater) I note they teach more of a distant entry for #2 man where he draws his weapon to the front then turns into his corner with enough space, therefore he isn't exposed to the corner facing away - he's facing it and ready for threat. So that out of room positioning ALLOWS for this advantage and still allows for a minimized dispersion gap between operators entering. Not to mention they also tend to teach engaging through the door, pre-entry. It is known to RB1 as "Offensive Stronghold Clearance".


Leaning and pie'ing off the room before entry is a solid way to clear from outside without exposing TOO MUCH of yourself. I note that during this phase the weapon is constantly up and to the ready.

Muzzle up or short-stocked when you're stacking or preparing to move into the room; I should also mention it's frequent to note operators leaning back, presumably to prevent someone grabbing their rifle and maybe even to allow for more momentum going into the room on push. The weapon is brought from above to directly infront, pushed out strongly and firmly which really reminds me of (a trait of) TAG-E/W of which Jason was apart.


Second man has the flashbang ready as he fiddles with the door, opens it minimal amount and the flashbang is in, door is pushed open and they're gone! I note they step into the room and then out, instead of creating an angle to go directly towards their axis, they step in and out which may allow for that time to engage an immediate threat (00:51 in the video).

Splitting the door is a common procedure on closed doors which allows operators to clear most of each side of the room from outside before moving in.

"Yes, I have worked very hard at developing the doctrine for our OSC course POI. Like loading and shooting a rifle, there are only so many ways to enter a room! But, we have been able to blend our dynamic room entry techniques with OSC which provides enhanced security for assaulters.

We don't disclose any technical information regarding OSC as the doctrine is very sensitive. We enforce a strict policy of all students signing an NDA preventing them from talking about it outside of their Unit / Agency / Department.

The course is open to only to LE / Mil that meet the pre-selection criteria. There is a set string of drills for the students to learn which forms a baseline of skill, from there the rest is SOP driven." - Jason Falla.

Your thoughts??
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Re: Offensive Stronghold Clearance

Post by 4Bravo1 » Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:16 am

Sounds very similar to what I have been teaching for the last 6 years.

Here are some differences:

Photo #2: If entry is made to the left, the right foot should be the first in the room, this allows immediate muzzle to threat movement with the least amount of body exposed at the earliest opportunity. Maybe he did enter that way then pivoted or button hooked in. We try to never button hook, but use lateral entry or a smooth flow into a path of least resistance.

Photo #3: #2 Man would be outside of the #1 man with his weapon in position for better support. It works in this case because it is the last room, but we consistently keep the #2 man on the outside, just far enough back to not be seen first from around the near corner

Photo #4: We would position the body the other direction and would not be in a gun on position without physically blocking the man in front. Look like a safety violation, but may just be a bad camera angle.

I would like to see more photos when available.

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